Ardgowan Club

Wednesday League‏

On Wednesday 12th May 2010, Ardgowan had their first Wednesday league game against Kilmacolm and one which everyone was looking forward to ( or should I say the Tea ).

The weather was as good as we have had over the last wee while and it was only over the last two ends that it got back to our usual cold weather again.

Kilmacolm greens were playing quite well and as Harry White used to say " the score doesny matter" which tell you how well we did in this first encounter.
It is a sad fact but we are now down to three clubs participating in the Wednesday League, ourselves, Kilmacolm and Fort Matilda, others for whatever reason cannot get teams to play and I cannot understand why this is the case as you do not play if it is pouring, you simply come off the greens, not like the G & D League where you are freezing your butt off at night and you play in the afternoons and it does not matter if you cannot get a full complement of rinks, you just play with what you can get, what can be fairer than that.

Ah well looking forward to the next game a week on Wednesday at Fort Matilda and hope to get some photographs in the future.
Iain Freer