Ardgowan Club


To be competitive in training and competition you must train, this means mental toughness and physical body preparation by knowing what to control and condition as follows;
Mentally: This is mental toughness and means changing the way you think and react to your outer and inner senses as follows;
  • Externally: controlling your external senses such as what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell,

  • Internally: controlling your inner imagination from forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses such as;
  ο visualising what’s not occurring,
  ο misinterpreting what is being said,
  ο internal feelings such as shock and fear,
  ο inner feelings of hunger, smell and taste.
Physically: This relates to two areas; physical and game fitness such as endurance and skill development as follows;
  • Body endurance; this means having all round physical condition within the areas of the arms, shoulders, neck, body and legs to endure the period of the event,
  • Skill development; this means having mental and physical coordination with muscular atonement and strength to perform the required amount of delivery shots throughout the event. This can only be obtained by individual practice of the various shots to a tactically setup head or heads. It is the act of repeating the delivery action of a particular shot that improves the performance and production of playing skills. Repetition of the shots instils a mental, physical and muscular atonement within the memory bank for an automatic presentation. This does not mean practicing in groups with other bowlers but training as an individual;

  • Physically and mentally you can’t have one without the other!
  • Training or practicing in groups prevents individuals rising above their present standard. In groups the only one who gains is the dominant player,
  • If you can perform the shots you’ll have no problems fitting into the team or side environment.