Ardgowan Club

Prize Giving 2013

ARDGOWAN Club recently held its annual bowling prize-giving, when the competition winners from the 2013 season
were presented with their cups and individual prizes.

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Gents' Champion Junior Pairs Winners Ladies' Champion
Campbell Barr John McAulay & Nicol Robertson Hazel McEwing

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Hazel McEwing is the 2013 Lady Champion of Ardgowan Club defeating Lillian Brady in the final.

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The Club Championship board has a new name this year Campbell Barr defeated Gilbert McCracken in a close final.

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Nicol Robertson was victor in the Junior Championship
seen here being presented with the trophy
by President Jack Daly for the fourth time in five years.
victorious against the 2012 champion Gordon McCracken.

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Ladies Prize Winners

Championship -- Winner: H. McEwing | Finalist: L. Brady

Lady Captain's Trophy -- Winner: L. Morrison | Finalist: W. Leslie

Grannies' Trophy -- Winner: L. Morrison | Finalist: M. Raeburn

Two Bowl Pairs -- Winner: L. Brady, J. Molloy | Finalist: S. Hendry, S. Currie

Triples -- Winner: A. Dunlop, H. McEwing, P. Gibson | Finalist: C. Walker, E. McKillop, L. Morrison

Other Honours: G&D WBA Triples -- Winner: W. Leslie, J. Molloy, S. Currie (s)

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Gents Prize Winners

Championship -- Winner: H. Campbell Barr | Finalist: Gilbert J. McCracken

President's -- Winner: S. Houston | Finalist: J. D. Barr

Victory -- Winner: A. Walker | Finalist: H. C. Barr

Non-Prizewinners -- Winner: N. Long | Finalist: D. Cameron

Seniors' Championship -- Winner: R. Love | Finalist: A McDougall

Wm Kerr -- Three Bowl -- Winner: G. J. McCracken | Finalist: C. Prentice

Sir Simpson Stevenson -- Two Bowl Trophy -- Winner: A. Walker | Finalist: A. McDougall

McKay Pairs (Balloted) -- Winner: T. Lloyd, J. Daly | Finalist: J. Roberts, G. J. McCracken

Wm Edgar Pairs (Nominated Four Bowls) -- Winner: H. C. Barr, J. D. Barr | Finalist: A. McDougall, R. Millan

Knockout Triples (Nominated) -- Winner: R. McShane, C. Prentice, H. C. Barr (s) | Finalist: P. Walker, A. Walker, G.J. McCracken

Orr Cup (Nominated) -- Winner: A. Walker, P. Walker, S. Houston, G.J. McCracken (s) | Finalist: John Bain, N. Long, J. Mclellan, K. Morrison (s)

Munro Shield -- Winner: S. Houston (s), W. Straine, D. Cameron, T. Lloyd

Halliday Salver -- Winner: C. Montgomery (s), A. Munro, P. Walker

Ardgowan Challenge (Balloted) -- Winner: R. Millan, M. Raeburn, A. Haig, I. Freer | Finalist: R. McWilliam, G. J. McCracken, R. McShane, A. Maclean

William Allan (Nominated) -- Winner: J. D. Barr, H. C. Barr, H. Ewing | Finalist: R. McShane, R. Pinkerton, N. Forbes

Peter Gatherer (Nominated) -- Winner: R. McShane, N. Forbes | Finalist: A. Munro, J. Evans

James Dunlop Memorial Trophy (Balloted) -- Winner: R. McShane, A. Dunlop, J. D. Barr | Finalist: N. Long, C. Pickett, R. Love

Social Mixed Pairs (Nominated) -- Winner: Mrs A. Ewing, H. R. Ewing | Finalist: Mrs R. McWilliam, G. McWilliam

Triples -- Round Robin (Balloted) -- Winner: G.A. McCracken, J. Roberts, K. Morrison | Finalist: J. McAuley Jr, John Bain, G. J. McCracken

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Junior Winners

Championship -- Winner: N. Robertson | Finalist: G. A. McCracken

Balloted Pairs -- Winner: J. McCaulay, N. Robertson (s) | Finalist: O. Biondi, G. A. McCracken (s)

A Hart Memorial Trophy (Most Improved Player) -- Winner: J. Love

Members' Invitation Cup -- Winner: M. Dickson, A.Munro, G. J. McCracken (s) | Finalist: S. Hendry, J. Daly, N. Robertson (s)

Other Honours

Gourock Park Under-16s -- Winner: N. Robertson
Lady Alice Under-16s -- Winner: G. A. McCracken