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October Quiz - Answers

Meaning ‘gathering’, which modern Hebrew word describes an Israeli collective farming community? Kibbutz

From which plant do we obtain Linseed Oil? Flax

Which car company makes a 4 x 4 model called the Grand Vitara? Suzuki.

What does the V stand for in DVD? Versatile

In which Russian City is the Winter Palace? St. Petersburg.

Which American President ordered the dropping of the first atomic bomb ? Trueman.

In which Palace is the Hall of Mirrors? Versailles

Which company made the first tea bags? Tetley

Who is the First Lord of the Treasury? The Prime Minister.

What variety of mandarin takes its name from a city in Morocco? Tangarine.

What is a drupe? a fleshy fruit with a stone.

Which cocktail made with Scotch whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters takes its name from the subject of a Sir Walter Scott Novel? Rob Roy

Who lived at recently-demolished address 5, College Close? Ian Huntley.

What does the youth punishment known as an ASBO stand for? Anti-Social Behaviour Order

From which animal does the perfume ingredient ambergris originate? whale

What form of fleshy, edible fungi that grows underground, shares its name with a chocolate confection? Truffles

Which South American country has an Inca name meaning ‘Cold Winter’? Chile

In which country are Lada cars made? Russia

The clothes logo DKNY is short for what? Donna Karan New York

Who did John Hinkley attempt to assassinate in 1982? President Ronald Reagan

What is the title of the person who gives the results of elections? Returning Officer.

Traditionally finishing with a Vixen Break, and often using a Concorde roll, which 9 strong team have been entertaining the public for 40 years? The Red Arrows

What would you suffer from if you had dichromatic vision? colour blindness

In American Universities what is a 2nd year student called? a Sophomore.

In which year did the £1 note cease to be legal tender? 1988

Which type of spy plane, piloted by Gary Powers, was shot down over Russia in 1960? U2

A pullet is the young of which animal? hen

Due to a Treaty of 1959, signed by 12 nations, which region of earth has all military operations prohibitied? Antarctica

Nicholas Breakspear was the first and only British what? Pope

In old occupations, what did a' nob thatcher' do for a living? make wigs

From which country does Nokia, the mobile phone company, originate? Finland

Who was the last Prime Minister not to have a wife? Margaret Thatcher

Which two creatures are on the Australian coat of arms? Kangaroo & Emu.

In which building is the Kohinoor Diamond kept? The Tower of London.

What did Dennis Tito pay £14m for? a trip into space.

What is the fruit of the Blackthorn? Sloe

In which year did the first Burger restaurant - Wimpy - open in the UK? 1954