Ardgowan Club

Mind Over Matter

The eyes: Believe it or not your inner senses control what you do mentally and physically. Your outer senses of sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste relay messages to your inner senses. So if you have programmed the delivery skill into your inner thoughts it is common sense to use your eyes and block out the other four senses prior to and when delivering the jack or bowl. In the delivery your eyes control the following aspects;
  • Stops you from thinking ,
  • Stops what you hear, feel, smell and taste,
  • Controls your alignment,
  • Controls the length of the delivery,
  • Controls your balance,

The key: This illustrates the value of a one pointed concentration of the eyes on the aiming point so intense that nothing is allowed to distract the mind from the task at hand. This must occur just prior to standing on the mat and through the delivery skill performance which is the important key to success. It means to be able to ignore any distractions and keep your attention focused on the “here and now” which is the eye, hand and aiming point alignment.

Movement of the eyes: Movement of the eyes continually takes place when we talk, think or move. It is a natural procedural movement that stimulates the brain to work either externally in the conscious state or internally in the subconscious state. In fact various experts can read your mind by the body reactions from your senses, particularly from your eye movement. This phenomenon is not new we all read the other peoples minds in some form during communication. Of course we are aware that if you block out one sense your thoughts makes the other become more alert to detect what is going on around you. In fact externally if you concentrate with one sense you can externally and internally block out the other senses. A good example of this is when someone is intensely watching television, they will not see, hear, feel, smell or taste anything that is occurring around them. Now that the hypnotic state of mind you require to be in just before and during the delivery of the jack or bowl and through the follow-through action of eye, hand and aiming point alignment.

Time on the mat: Excessive time spent on the mat checking anything or every thing once, twice or a dozen times means you have no control or have never obtained the physical or mental toughness in training your senses. These aspects should be checked behind the mat before you commence the delivery drill, and all other aspect should be automatically placed into position without looking or thinking about them. “Think about what has been said here”; then think about what dancers do because they are trained to place their feet and body automatically in various positions whilst moving, twisting or turning, and you only have to do it standing momentarily on the mat and then move forward at a slower speed during the delivery. The longer you stand on the mat your mind goes into the subconscious state and will rattle your brain with all sorts of thoughts and if it continues that way you’re mental and physical performance skills will certainly deteriorate.