Ardgowan Club

May Quiz - Answers

1.Which former Miss World played TV's Wonderwoman in the 1970's? Lynda Carter
2.Who wrote the novel Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas'? Hunter Thompson
3.Which musician's original name was Declan McManus? Elvis Costello
4.Whose autobiography was entitled Unreliable Memoirs? Clive James
5.Who was Bertie Wooster's servant? Reginald Jeeves
6.The song The Rhythm Of Life comes from which musical? Sweet Charity
7.Which singer released a 1984 album called Alf? Alison Moyet
8.What was the title of the Beatles' first UK No 1 single? From Me To You (1963)
9.Who played the Birdman of Alcatraz in the 1962 film? Burt Lancaster
10.Which comedy due were known as Derek and Clive? Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
11.Who was the first star to appear as Cosmopolitan magazine's centrefold? Burt Reynolds
12.What was the name of the car in The Duke's Of Hazzard? General Lee
13.Who was the child star of Steven Spielberg's Empire Of The Sun? Christian Bale
14.What was the cow called in the children's TV animation The Magic Roundabout? Ermintrude
15.Which football team did Gordon Ramsey play for before becoming a chef? Glasgow Rangers
16.Who presented TV's Room 101 before Paul Merton? Nick Hancock
17.How many Oscars did the 1997 film Titanic win? Eleven
18.Who killed Maxine Peacock in Coronation Street? Richard Hillman
19.Which father and daughter starred in the film Paper Moon? Ryan and Tatum O'Neal
20.What was the name of the character played by David Cassidy in TV's The Partridge Family? Keith Partridge
21.What is the title of Tennessee Williams' only comedy? Period Of Adjustment
22.Who was the Beatles' original drummer? Pete Best
23.What is the name of the road where TV's Desperate Housewives live? Wisteria Lane
24.What is the sisters' surname in the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott? March (Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg)
25.Who played Angela Phinlay in the 1950 film Asphalt Jungle? Marilyn Monroe
26.In which 1985 film was Madonna's first starring role? Desperately Seeking Susan
27.Who directed the 1997 film Ice Storm? Ang Lee
28.What is the name of the school in the Harry Potter books? Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
29.Who is Calvin Broadus better known as? Snoop Dogg
30.The 1970's bands Wizzard and ELO resulted from the split what 1960's group? The Move