Ardgowan Club

Illusional Moment

Cause: During the follow-through action an illusional moment can occur when eye movement momentary breaks your concentration as the pendulum action of the delivery arm swings forward towards the culminating point. This is in fact your mind racing ahead of your movements.
Effect: This illusional moment has the effect on the mind, which is a misperception of the eye, hand and aiming point alignment. Your thoughts have in effect momentarily gone to your memory bank and then returns to deceive your brain into believing that the correct eye, hand and aiming point alignment has taken place.
Recognition: This illusion state is recognised when the subconscious mind internally tells you it has taken place but your conscious mind externally has not seen it, when mentally questioned “You are not sure or cannot remember if it has taken place”, but the shot has gone haywire.
Remediation: Ensure that when you deliver the next bowl that you externally see the aiming point, feel the breathing and actually see the eye, hand and aiming point alignment out in front of you.

Definition: “A disturbing physiological or psychological influence which produces a state of severe tension in an individual.”
The cause: In most cases it is your mental reaction to negative stress which can come from poor training in the following areas;
  • Poor control of your inner and outer senses,
  • Poor levels of physical fitness that lead to fatigue and stress,
  • Poor eye and directional control of the body,
  • Poor breathing control during the delivery,
  • Poor relaxation management.
The Effects: This may be connected with all sorts of ailments. Negative stress works in two ways, it creates immediate problems and discomfort and in the long term it can cause most damage through the slow accumulation of harmful side effects to your health.
Remediation: Optimum performance has a component of stress in it and the amount required varies with the individual, stress can be controlled and managed by various methods, e.g. power breathing or controlled relaxations sessions.
In lawn bowls, mental actions and your body re-actions govern how you play, it is the enemy within and the one that you should get to know.