Ardgowan Club

Club History

The first Club House was built by J & R Kirk in 1860 at an agreed cost of £138.


A new Club House was built at a cost of £423 2s. 10d. and on the 28th April 1906 was opened by Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart and Lady Alice.


The present Club House was erected in 1926 at a cost of £2,712.
There has been little alteration to the Club House facade since then.

Club House North

The Club Badge reflects the patronage enjoyed by the Club and comprises the crests of the Stewart & Shaw families.
The Club Mottos’ adopted being;-
‘I hope for better things’ and ‘I mean well’

Badge Blue


‘A Brief History’

Ardgowan Club was the first Bowling Club in Inverclyde.

It was founded in 1841 by a number of gentlemen who met with the Lord of the Manor, Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart and it was agreed that the area now known as Ardgowan Square would be laid out in order that the games of Bowling, Curling and Quoiting were available to members.

At that time no Clubhouse was allowed to be erected and members had to keep their bowls in a little cave dug out of the banks on the edge of the green. The first brick built clubhouse was opened in 1860.

The second bowling club to be formed in Inverclyde was Wellington Park in 1853 and in that year a friendly match was played between the two clubs and this annual friendly continues to the present day.

At the friendly in 1855 a medal was presented by the Wellington Park to Ardgowan Club and this medallion is still worn by the each succeeding Vice Presidents of this Club as his chain of office. It is called the Tudor Medal named after the person who presented it (Captain Tudor R.A.)

In 1862 another friendly was arranged with Bellahouston Bowling Club and this too continues to this day.

In 1877 another friendly was arranged with Pollokshield B.C. and this continued for many years until the closure of Pollokshield B.C. in 2008.

Tennis was first played in Ardgowan in 1875 but a Tennis Club was not formed until June 1891.