Ardgowan Club

August Quiz - Answers

Which car name translates as 'people's car? Volkswagen

From which country does the lambada dance originate? Brazil

Which town on the South Coast of England became a city as part of the Millennium celebrations? Brighton

Whose birthday is celebrated throughout the world on 25th January? (Robert Burns)

Which animal performed the wedding in the Owl and the Pussycat? (Turkey)

On what road did Nellie the Elephant meet the Head of the Herd? (Mandalay)

Which Instrument does the Leader of an Orchestra play? (Violin)

Bewick and Whooper are types of what bird? Swan

The bat is the registered trademark of which drinks company? Bacardi.

What is the relationship between Prince Edward and Lord Linley? Cousins

To which flower family does garlic belong? Lily

In New Orleans, the Mardi Gras festival occurs each year in which month? February

Although used as a nickname for US soldiers, what does GI actually stand for? Government Issue

For which fabric is Macclesfield famous? Silk

Who was last seen alive on the Lady Ghilaine? Robert Maxwell

In Italian art the Virgin Mary is usually depicted wearing what colour? Blue

The American Ansel Adams worked in what field? Photography

What does the C stand for in CIA? Central (Intelligence Agency)

Where would you be if you took your seat on a Howdah ? on an elephant

Who is the Daily Mail’s cartoon dog? Fred Bassett

In which year did the Channel Tunnel open ? 1994

If Prince William became King, what number William would he be? 5th

What first left Gare de l'Est in Paris on October 4th, 1883? Orient Express

In which year was the first email sent? 1971

What is the three letter word for diamonds? Ice

What is the name given to the tail of a fox? Brush

Which cocktail consists of Tia Maria, Vodka and Coke? Black Russian

Vaquero and buckaroo are colloquialisms for what? Cowboy

How many teaspoons make a tablespoon? (4)