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Is the game of lawn bowls simply a matter of mechanics?

Can you expect to win with just good technique and a little luck?

The area of sport psychology and the importance and interaction of mind and body to produce the results required by high level sports people is now recognised by experts worldwide.

These articles address some of the issues of mind, attitude and behaviour that can affect your lawn bowls game - possibly without you even knowing it.

The Experience: In lawn bowls the key to improving your game is to train your mind and emotions equally as well as you train your physical body. This statement is often borne out to bowlers when playing a series of competitive games over a period two or three days. It goes without question that in competition, whether winning or losing, many players reach the verge of, or partially, or fully becoming so intense and anxious that their emotional and mental stimulation affects their body, causing it to tense up and perform poorly. The simple remediation is the coordination of your mental aspects and physical attributes by the use of your senses; this is simply mind over matter. If that sounds mind-blowing, then you’ll find putting this practice into action a pleasant mind-bending experience.