Ardgowan Club

1841 Laws of the Game

In 1841 when Ardgowan was founded there were no recognised Laws of the Game.
Each Club produced its own and the Ardgowan Club had some little gems

1. “All players when playing to have one foot at the jack”

This conjures up a lovely picture of a bowler with one foot on the mat and the other 28 metres away at the jack.

2. “Except for the Director of the party playing all others to stand at least two yards behind the jack”

When did the grand title Director degenerate to Skip?

3. “When playing in the dusk a paper cap may be placed on the jack. No hat to be placed on a bowl”

Where do we keep the paper caps?

4. “No member will throw his bowls upon the green, especially in soft weather”

Haven't seen much soft weather around lately.

5. “Our laws have been framed in the belief that true sportsmanship will prevail”

Often forgotten about today as Campbell Barr will testify after his experience this year
in the Top Ten.

Thanks to Ian Halliday for supplying these little gems.